Monday, October 20, 2014

Picture Perfect

Dear Sophie,

It's getting harder and harder to take your picture, as you are too busy looking at everything and playing and exploring to hold still for a photo.  And because I'm so desperate to capture these wonderful days with you, taking your picture is important to me.  Some day, my little girl won't be so little, and I imagine I will look at these photos over and over again.

Last Saturday morning, we took advantage of a lovely fall day and went to Loose Park.  I intended to take some photos of you, as I usually do in the fall when Nature's colors are so amazing.  You, on the other hand, were quite distracted and photos were the last thing on your mind.  I snapped away, unsure I was getting anything worth keeping - several looked blurry from your constant movement, in others the sun was too bright, or the shadows darkened your face.  And you just wanted to play (and who could blame you on such a sunshiny day)!  But I couldn't help feeling a little frustrated at the thought of not getting a good pic.

I should not have worried.  When I got home and I uploaded the photos from the camera to the computer, I found this gem.  I couldn't have staged this picture if I tried.

I love you!


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