Friday, July 13, 2012

Don't Bite Your Friends

Dear Sophie,

One of your favorite tv shows is Yo Gabba Gabba, and on that show, there's a song with the repeated lyric, "Don't Bite Your Friends."  I've heard stories about biters and their victims, but today it wasn't just a story from someone else.  My dear little, Sophie, you bit one of your friends at school today.  This was a first.  Ms. Robin called me at work to report the incident.  She didn't tell me the name of your victim, but she said she thinks that the other child "invaded your space."  When I picked you up from day care at the end of the day, the program director, Ms. Melissa Smytson, told me that you were just frustrated.

Whatever the reason, I hope we can nip that in the bud.  I hope you'll grow up to become kind and patient.  Unfortunately, with your Daddy's genes, patience might not be in your nature.

I love you, Baby Girl.  Don't bite your friends.


Funny Little Girl

Dear Sophie,

These are just a few little funny stories I wanted to remember to tell you someday.


Your day care teacher, Ms. Robin, relayed this one to me.  She said one day it became hilariously obvious that you were somewhat constipated.  You went over to the bookcase, leaned against it and braced yourself, grunted and pushed as hard as you could.  After a few minutes struggling to produce the desired result, you picked up one of your legs, stretched it back behind you, shook it, and then grunted ferociously again.  Ms. Robin demonstrated for me how you did the leg shake technique, which apparently worked for you.  As Ms. Robin told me the story, both of us laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.
Bear Wave

It's a wonderful and yet scary thing when I realize you've been observing me all along and calculating how to imitate me.  One morning, after I had dressed you and sat you up on your dresser so that I could put shoes on you, I gave you one of your favorite stuffed animals, Pop (from Hop on Pop).  You held up one of Pop's arms, waved it at me, and said, "Hiiiiiiii!"  As if you knew just how cute you were, you beamed proudly with a big smile, knowing that you had caused Mommy to laugh, and then you joined in with your own laughing while repeating the bear wave.  This was one of many moments that I was astonished at you.  You may have simply been mimicking something I had done to entertain you, but it sure seemed that you understood you were personifying Pop.

Secret Hiding Places

Daddy and I have learned where to look when something goes missing.  One afternoon, I heard my cellphone ringing, and by the muffled sound, I knew it wasn't where I'd left it.  I followed the ring until it grew louder and located my cell phone in the trunk of your "princess car" - a riding toy with storage space.  We have also learned to check the trash cans before emptying them.  We have found clothes, toys, shoes, and all kinds of other inappropriately abandoned items in those bins.

I'm sure there will be plenty more funny stories to tell.  You make me laugh and smile every day.

I love you, my little clown!


Monday, July 2, 2012

The Cliche: Time Flies (When Everthing is a "First")

Dear Sophie,

Someday, you'll learn the cliche "time flies."  This cliche is often said when we grownups talk about our children.  Someday, you'll also learn that mommy dislikes the use of cliches (because they're overused and misused).  In this case, the cliche "time flies" is especially irksome because it is so heartbreakingly true.  It has been over a year since I last posted something in this blog.  Time flies and so much has happened.

Let's talk about all the "firsts" that have happened.

You first crawled on September 13, 2011, when you were 7 months old, and you first walked on January 12, 2012, when you 11 months old.

Your first word was "woof" at about 8 months old, and your second word following soon after was "Boo," as in "Blue" (the name of one of our cats) - only you couldn't say the "L."  Your third word sometime around your birthday was "baaa," which is what you dutifully remind us a sheep says whenever you see one.  Somewhere in that first year you also learned ball and "boon" (for balloon), both of which you go crazy about whenever you spot them (and you always spot them).  Of course, you also said dada and mama in your first year, but I was never certain when those changed from baby talk to real words.

The first time you got a full four hours of sleep at night was when you were two months old, and mommy and daddy were extremely grateful.  At three months old, you slept five hours straight.

When you were three months old, you could blow raspberries.  We have a darling video of you copying me.

Your first concert was on June 3, 2011, when you were almost four months old.  Mommy and Daddy took you to see Cake and the Mumford and Sons.  We almost didn't get you in - we learned that sometimes even babies need a ticket into a concert.  Someone was kind enough to give us an extra ticket so you could come in with us.  By the way, don't worry - we bought ear muffs to protect your little ear drums.  And you wore them.....most of the time.

You were five months old when you went on your first road trip (to the Reardon Family's Father's Day picnic in York, Nebraska).  You did very well - thanks to VeggieTales videos on the iPhone.

You were five months old when you went on your first flight!  You flew to San Diego on a non-stop flight from Kansas City so that you could celebrate with Grandma on her birthday.  You did very well - thanks to the nearby passengers who flirted back with you when you flirted with them.  The only time you cried was when I turned you around and you couldn't interact with the people behind us.

You also went on your first boat ride when you were five months old.  We went on a breakfast cruise aboard the San Diego Spirit, which took us on a three hour ride around the San Diego bay.  We noticed on that boat ride how much you liked listening and singing along with the on-board entertainment - a singer playing a guitar.

You went to your first Kansas City Royals game when you were six months old.  We have the "New Royals Fan" certificate and a little video as evidence.  Sadly, the Royals lost the game.

You were almost seven months old when you saw Gaelic Storm (one of Mommy and Daddy's favorite bands) for the first time.  This was also your first "meet and greet" - we stood in line after their concert at the Irish Festival at Crown Center.  We wanted Patrick, Twigger, and Peter to meet you.  You were a hit!

When you were nine months old, Daddy entered you into Happy Chick Photography's childrens model search contest, in which the winner would be determined by the number of "likes" on the photo.  You blew away all the other contestants with 112 "likes."  The closest competitor had 74 "likes."

Your first trip to the zoo was in October at nine months old, and we learned on that trip that you just might be allergic to something.  Your poor little eyes grew red and teary.  Cousin Lane, who was along with the visit, still managed to get you to smile and laugh, so we think you had a very nice time.

You tasted your first lumpia, that wonderful, traditional Filipino spring roll, in December at 10 months old, while visiting Mommy's cousin, Cheryl Pomainville Lemon, her two daughters Corrine and Kelela, your Great Auntie Judy and Great Uncle Kevin.  This trip was, by the way, your second time flying.  You flew to Las Vegas, where Cheryl lived at the time.

I can't remember when exactly you got your first tooth, but I think it was at about 5 or 6 months.  I have note, though, that you got your sixth tooth at about 10 months.  Those were rough nights whenever you had a tooth coming in.  Many times, Mommy and Daddy let you sleep with us so that we could cuddle the pain away.

The first time I realized just how stubborn or determined you could be was just before Christmas.  Daddy had bought a tambourine for you to have as a Christmas present.  He wrapped it up very nicely and put it under the tree.  One day, you decided to give that present a shake and discovered that it made sound.  Daddy and I didn't want to ruin the surprise by having you open it before Christmas Day, so we relocated it to spot on to of a "mountain" of other presents.  We left you momentarily with the Christmas tree, and when we returned, we found you climbing on top of the presents trying to reach that present.  We have a picture of that too!

I have more funny stories to tell, so I'll save those for the next post.

Love, love, love you!