Friday, July 13, 2012

Funny Little Girl

Dear Sophie,

These are just a few little funny stories I wanted to remember to tell you someday.


Your day care teacher, Ms. Robin, relayed this one to me.  She said one day it became hilariously obvious that you were somewhat constipated.  You went over to the bookcase, leaned against it and braced yourself, grunted and pushed as hard as you could.  After a few minutes struggling to produce the desired result, you picked up one of your legs, stretched it back behind you, shook it, and then grunted ferociously again.  Ms. Robin demonstrated for me how you did the leg shake technique, which apparently worked for you.  As Ms. Robin told me the story, both of us laughed so hard we had tears in our eyes.
Bear Wave

It's a wonderful and yet scary thing when I realize you've been observing me all along and calculating how to imitate me.  One morning, after I had dressed you and sat you up on your dresser so that I could put shoes on you, I gave you one of your favorite stuffed animals, Pop (from Hop on Pop).  You held up one of Pop's arms, waved it at me, and said, "Hiiiiiiii!"  As if you knew just how cute you were, you beamed proudly with a big smile, knowing that you had caused Mommy to laugh, and then you joined in with your own laughing while repeating the bear wave.  This was one of many moments that I was astonished at you.  You may have simply been mimicking something I had done to entertain you, but it sure seemed that you understood you were personifying Pop.

Secret Hiding Places

Daddy and I have learned where to look when something goes missing.  One afternoon, I heard my cellphone ringing, and by the muffled sound, I knew it wasn't where I'd left it.  I followed the ring until it grew louder and located my cell phone in the trunk of your "princess car" - a riding toy with storage space.  We have also learned to check the trash cans before emptying them.  We have found clothes, toys, shoes, and all kinds of other inappropriately abandoned items in those bins.

I'm sure there will be plenty more funny stories to tell.  You make me laugh and smile every day.

I love you, my little clown!


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