Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Conversation with a 3 Year-Old

Dear Sophie,

Conversation with you never ceases to amaze and entertain.  And perhaps it would be a good idea in these letters to periodically capture your typical banter.  Here's the discussion string from our car ride home from work / school.  It all started from a song on a "mix tape" CD playing on the sound system.

Mom, what is this song about? 
It's about a "Holiday." (I did not wish to get into the true theme of Green Day's song at just that moment.) 
Two songs about a holiday? 
Uhhhh (I was puzzled by your question and then realized why you were asking).  No, this is the same song.  It was playing when we got out of the car and it is still playing now that we're back in the car. 
Oh, it's the same song.  Did you pause it while we were gone? 
Something like that. 
Is it on your phone? 
No, it's on a CD that Aunt Kirsten made for me. 
For you and for me? 
Yes, Aunt Kirsten put a song on here for you too.  But it was for Mommy's birthday. 
Oh.  That was nice.....  Can we call her? 
Sure but not right now. 
When you call her, can you tell her thank you for the nice music?  That was soooo nice of her. 
Yes, sure.  I can tell her that. 
You won't forget? 
I won't forget. 
Is Aunt Kirsten your friend? 
Yes, she's a very good friend.  You might not remember her.  You were just a baby when you met her. 
Did you visit her last year in Boston? 
Yes, Mommy visited her in Boston last weekend.  (You get years and weekends confused.) 
Was she in the hospital? 
No, she wasn't in the hospital. 
I was just asking because that would be sad....  I have a good idea, Mommy. 
Oh, what's your idea? 
Let's tell her to come to our house. 
Yes, that's a good idea.  I'll tell her. 
You won't forget. 
No, I won't forget.
And this is a non-stop conversation.  If I take too long to answer, you say, "Mommy, why aren't you talking?"  In the future, I need to remember to share with you the power of a pregnant pause.

You're adorable.  And turning into a wonderful conversationalist.

Love you, Chatterbox!


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