Monday, April 2, 2012

Rental Property - Thinking About the Future

Dear Sophie,

Last week, your daddy and I made an offer on a house on the Kansas side of the State Line near the Prairie Village Shopping Center, and last night, we received a call from the Realtor that our offer was accepted.  The sellers are hoping to sign the paperwork on Monday.  Assuming a good appraisal, financing process and inspection, we'll be owners and managers of a rental property.  Someday, this investment may be used to help pay for your college tuition.  Of course, Daddy and I are really hoping you'll earn some scholarships too!

As of today, I have a little over three weeks left of my maternity leave with you, and then Daddy's "paternity" leave takes over.  He will stay home with you for two weeks.  After that, you will be going to day care at the YMCA.  I've been dreading this day ever since you were born.  I have come to learn exactly what mothers meant when they said it's hard to go back to work and send your little one off to day care.  I figured I'd be ready to go back to work....and in some ways I am....but mostly, I'm going to miss the time with you.

I love mornings with you the best.  You always wake up in a good mood, and even though I may be tired from sleep interruptions during the night, I'm happy to wake up with you.  Sometimes we have our bath together.  Sometimes, we just lay in bed talking to each other.  Sometimes, we play, read a book or listen to music in your room, where the sun shines in with the brightest natural light. 

You're not always in a good mood during the day though.  One day last week, I ran out of ways to entertain you and keep you from fussing.  As a last resort, I put you in front of the TV to watch an episode of Veggie Tales.  Apparently, you "like to talk to tomatoes."  You intently watched a full 30 minutes and you even laughed several times.  I caught one of your chuckles on video.

Love you!


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