Monday, March 21, 2011

Little Miss Chatterbox

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Dear Sophie,

This morning you woke up bright and early. Daddy took his turn to change your diaper. Usually, you go right back to sleep, but this time, you were a little chatterbox and you were wide awake! We've been very excited to see you develop new ways to communicate with us besides crying.

This past weekend, you had many visitors. Grandpa Chuck and Grandma Ginny visited you. We hosted a barbecue dinner at our house and invited the Messick relatives. Aunt Kathy, Cousin Kayla, and Cousin Melissa traded you back and forth. Everyone wants to hold you!

Activities this past week:
  • Your first parade - the Kansas City St. Patrick's Parade - with cousins Kayla and Zach.
  • Your first (of many to come) trips to Loose Park (or "Lucy's Park" as second cousin Lane calls it) with cousin Melissa and second cousin Lane.
  • A visit from mommy and daddy's friends Dan Merker and Stacy Gerdes.
And this is all I have time to write as you are now beginning to become bored with your activity gym.

Love you very much!


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