Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pee Pee in the Potty

Dear Sophie,

For a couple of weeks now, we had randomly placed you on your "throne" hoping that you would relieve yourself by chance.  Your potty is literally shaped like a princess' throne, and it even plays celebratory music when the bowl gets wet.  From the first time we ever put you on the potty, you seemed to know exactly what to do, even pretending to "push" something out.  After several tries, though, you had not yet made your potty sing.  We didn't make a big deal out of it though.  We gave you M&M's just for sitting on the potty and praised you for trying.

Today, for the first time at 22 months and 10 days old, you successfully peed in the potty.  Right before being put to bed, I noticed that you had nearly finished your second sippy cup of water that I had just given you.  I thought, she's got to have a full bladder....I wonder if she would go potty now.  I brought you into the bathroom with me and placed you on the seat.  "Go pee pee," I instructed you, just like every other time before.  You "pushed" and suddenly your throne erupted in happy tunes!  You stood up, and both of us peered into the bowl.  Seeing true success, I clapped and cheered, told you good job, and gave you a high five.  Daddy joined us in the celebration too.

What a proud moment!

You are growing up so fast.

Love you, Little Buddy!


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