Sunday, September 16, 2012

Come on, Mom!

Dear Sophie,

Yesterday, I ran in the 4-mile Kansas City Zoo Run, a charity run benefiting the zoo's Sumatran tiger.  You'll know someday that I love animals, especially our dog Lucy and cats Blue and Junior, and one of my favorite channels to watch on TV is the Animal Planet.  I hope someday you, too, will share my love for animals.  So, I registered for the race.

Needless to say, with only a few 3-mile jog/walks in the few weeks leading up to the race, I was ill-prepared.  I started the race with three co-workers from the Federal Reserve.  Two quickly separated from the group about one mile into the run.  The other stayed with me for another mile and half or so.  She kept me encouraged with positive words along the way, but at approximately two and a half miles, I suggested she could go on without me.  I just couldn't keep up with her! So, I found myself running without a companion.

It just so happens that right about then I had caught up with two young girls.  I soon learned that they were running with their mom.  The oldest girl, perhaps about fifteen or sixteen, yelled back at her mom every few yards or so, "Come on, Mom!  Keep running!  You can do it!"  She repeated this numerous times.  The effect on me was inspiring.

I thought about you and how you sometimes grab my shirt or my hand and pull me in the direction of something you want to do.  You say, "Mon, Mommy," which translates to, "Come on, Mommy!"

I loved seeing the relationship between the teenage daughter and her mom during the Zoo run.  This was something they did together.  I imagine that you and I will do many things together, and I hope someday that when you're a teenager we maintain that togetherness.

Love you, Sweetie!


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