Monday, August 6, 2012

Toes and Potatoes

Dear Sophie,

We had potatoes for dinner tonight, and when daddy and I told you to eat your potatoes, you happily repeated, "Toes!"  That's exactly the same thing you say when I point to your little piggies and ask what they are:  "Toes!"  I sure hope you know the difference.

You're learning more and more words every day!  And although you can't say them, we see that you understand us.  You brought a book to me, and I was too busy at the moment to read to you.  So I advised you to take your book to your chair and read it yourself.  True to the instructions, we found you sitting in your little recliner, with the book open on your lap, and when daddy walked by, you shouted up to him, "Read!"

Daddy says, "We have a funny little girl."

Love you to pieces,

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